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SodaStream, Quooker & Paintball Cylinder Refill Adapter

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Know Your Equipment

SodaStream cylinder refill adapter
A: Inlet (screws to parent/donor cylinder).
B: Shutoff valve.
C: Pressure gauge.
D: SodaStream isolation valve knob.
E: Outlet (SodaStream cylinder screws into here).
F: Dump / Purge valve.

Cylinder Preparation

Donor Cylinder Try to determine whether your donor cylinder uses a 'dip tube' inside. If your cylinder has a dip tube then it may be used in its normal orientation as liquid CO2 will be expelled from the cylinder. If your cylinder does not have a dip tube, then you may need to invert (turn upside-down) your donor cylinder so that liquid CO2 is expelled, rather than CO2 in its gaseous form. Refilling will still be achieved with gaseous CO2, but the recipient cylinder may not achieve its full capacity.

SodaStream Cylinder To ensure the SodaStream cylinder will accept its full capacity of gas / liquid CO2, it is recommended to put the SodaStream cylinder in a freezer for 2 hours prior to refilling. This is not essential, but it will ensure the cylinder is filled to full capacity. Freezing lowers the pressure inside the cylinder, which enables it to readily accept more CO2.

Step 1) Check the weight of the empty SodaStream cylinder that is imprinted on the neck of the cylinder. This is usually 0.76Kg for 60L cylinders.

Step 2) Check the weight of gas that the cylinder will hold. This is usually 425g for 60L cylinders.

The weight of these added together is the weight of a full SodaStream cylinder (760g + 425g = 1,185g)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1) Connect the refill adapter to the parent / donor cylinder at the adapter inlet (A). Tighten using a spanner or wrench (do not hand-tighten).

Step 2) Ensure the shutoff valve (B) on the adapter is closed by turning fully clockwise. Use gentle / moderate force to tighten, as over-tightening may damage the valve.

Step 3) Turn the knob of the SodaStream isolation valve (E) fully anticlockwise. This will retract the pin inside the adapter which ensures when the SodaStream cylinder is screwed in, it will not press the SodaStream valve to release the gas.

Step 4) Screw the SodaStream adapter into the refill adapter body. The output of the SodaStream adapter may point in any direction, rather than vertically as shown, this is not a problem and will not affect refilling of the cylinder.

Step 5) Screw the SodaStream cylinder into the adapter. Tighten until the cylinder slips in your hand (no need to use tools).

Step 6) Open the valve on the parent / donor cylinder to release the gas.

Step 7) Turn the knob of the SodaStream isolation valve (E) in a clockwise direction until it cannot be turned any further.

Step 8) Slowly turn the shutoff valve (B) anticlockwise, which will release the gas from the refill adapter. You will hear gas begin to enter the cylinder.

The gauge will indicate the pressure between the donor and SodaStream cylinder. As the SodaStream cylinder fills the pressure displayed on the gauge will increase.

For SodaStream cylinders that are fitted with an anti-fill or 'booby-trap' mechanism it is recommended to only open valve (B) a small amount to allow gas to trickle into the SodaStream cylinder very slowly. This will bypass the anti-fill mechanism on the SodaStream cylinder. Once you see the pressure on the gauge start to increase you can open the valve (B) further to refill faster.

Step 9) Continue to refill until either the pressure indicated on the gauge reaches the pressure of the recipient cylinder or you can no longer hear gas being transferred. Once refilling is complete, turn the shutoff valve (B) clockwise to shut off the CO2.

Step 10) Turn the knob of SodaStream isolation valve (E) anticlockwise to isolate the SodaStream cylinder.

Step 11) Slowly turn the purge / dump valve (G) anticlockwise to release the residual gas contained in the apparatus. Upon doing so, you will hear a pronounced 'hiss' - this is normal. Once all of the gas has been released, turn the valve clockwise to close it again for next use.

Step 12) Remove the SodaStream cylinder from the adapter.

Repeat the refill process for each SodaStream cylinder you wish to refill in this batch.

Step 13) The weight of the refilled cylinder should then approximately equal the weight specified on the cylinder, e.g. 760g + 425g = 1,185g

Step 14) Once you have finished refilling all cylinders, close the valve on the parent / donor cylinder by turning clockwise and then dump the residual trapped gas in the apparatus by turning the shutoff valve (B) anticlockwise.


If you are finding that you're unable to fill your SodaStream cylinder or only partially refill it, there are several things you can check:

1) (This is the most likely cause) It’s possible your SodaStream cylinder has a one-way valve which is designed to prevent refilling. Our adapter can get around this; when you turn the shutoff valve (B) to release the gas through the refilling adapter, only open it a tiny fraction. We’ve found that the SodaStream cylinder needs to receive a small amount of gas to be slightly pressurised, and once you see pressure on the gauge begin to increase you can open the valve further to continue refilling.

2) Your donor cylinder isn't providing enough pressure. The donor cylinder should ideally at ~700+ PSI mark for successful refilling.

3) You need to freeze the SodaStream cylinder before refilling to lower the pressure in the cylinder which enables it to accept more gas. If after the first refill it is still not reach its filled weight, then you could re-freeze the SodaStream cylinder for an hour, and when you refill a second time it should accept some more gas, possibly up to the fully filled weight.

4) Your donor cylinder doesn’t have a dip/siphon tube to expel liquid CO2. In which case you’ll need to turn it upside down to ensure liquid CO2 is ejected. If you’re unsure then contact the provider of your donor cylinder to check.

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