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Aquarium CO2 Systems The Easy Way

Your one-stop-shop for everything you need to create your own cost-effective Aquarium CO2 system

Plants, like all living things on earth, are Carbon based, and they need a source of Carbon in order to grow and survive. Without a source of Carbon, plants won't grow and will eventually perish. By diffusing CO2 in your aquarium water, you are supplementing the plants with the Carbon they need in order to grow and flourish. Carbon does not occur naturally within a closed aquarium ecosystem, it must be supplemented.

Create your custom co2 system

Our product ranges are intended to meet your specific requirements and our user-friendly ordering process is designed to ensure that you only order the parts you really need. This could range from an order for a single meter of air tubing, through to a complete CO2 system including regulator, bubble counter, drop checker and diffuser. Whatever your needs, we're here to help.

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Adding Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the water in your aquarium is a key component to promote healthy and vigorous plant growth. Our aim is to assist you by providing all the items you need in order to setup and maintain a cost-effective and efficient aquarium CO2 system.